How to make herbal concoctions for Tumor Disease

How to make herbal recipe concoctions to cure tumor in 24 hours. The ingredients are as follows:
How to make herbal concoctions for Tumor Disease
½ young papaya leaves. -½ handfuls of young cherry leaves. -½ handful of red spinach leaves. -½ holding starfruit leaves. -400 cc of boiled water. The steps to make it: -Wash clean all ingredients -Milled all ingredients until smooth. -Boil all ingredients with 400 cc of air until the remaining 200 cc. -Please also take the water. - Add 3 tablespoons of pure honey, stir until smooth. Serve concoctions in 1 glass for one drink. -Drink this recipe 3 times a day ½ cup. Thus this information, easy-to-help useful and useful for those of you who need it, hopefully the recipe for your tumor disease recovers quickly ..

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